At FLO we believe in Community, Health and Creativity


A Sense of Belonging 

While we love the physical benefits of Yoga and Pilates, our central pillar is all about regaining a sense of community and belonging. Many of our classes are suitable for beginners, and we promise not to take things too seriously. Come and meet our amazing team, and become part of our fun, friendly community.

And, even better, join us for a tea or coffee after class, or attend one of our many social events. We just loooove meeting new people.


Strong Body, Supple Mind

Want a stronger core? Or maybe your knees, back and shoulders need some TLC. Our Pilates Classes are designed to help strengthen your body, with a focus on functional movements and core stability. In simpler terms, we help you move better.

Our Yoga Classes also strengthen your body, but tend to focus more on the mind:body connection – helping you to relieve stress, reconnect, and find a better balance in life.


Rediscover Your Curiosity

Having a creative outlet is one of the most important (and often forgotten) aspects of living a healthy, happy life. We love trying new things, and learning new skills – like painting, drawing, knitting, cooking, making, snapping, writing, hand-standing, dancing, brewing and tasting.

Rediscover your inner curiosity with a fun-filled workshop, that doesn’t take itself too seriously. And even better, meet a few fun creative people while you’re at it 🙂



"Tassia's classes are really different. She focuses on the movements, making sure everyone is in the right position. I've definitely found some new muscles in her classes ;)"


"Renata's classes are my favourite. She really watches you to make sure you're doing it all safely, and helps you to adapt movements that you can't do"


"Mari just has the best way of describing the exercises. I feel like I learn something new each class"


"Skye is such a bundle of lovely energy and fun. And she is really great at working around injuries. I love love love her classes!"


"Such a fun, down to earth instructor! I love Marneys classes!"


"Maureen leads a beautiful morning practice".


"Rita is fantastic! You always leave the class feeling like you've worked very hard, but she caters to all levels".


"Love Liz’s classes! She is very in tune to our needs and led us through a lovely series of postures with clear guidance at a gentle but challenging pace".

Garrick Transell

Founder & Head of Good Vibes

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