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FLO is a community of fun, friendly people.

Join us for a social event where you can get creative,

learn a new skill, meet some locals, and feel inspired.

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  • Paddle Pop Yoga for Surfers Saturday January 11th, 10am-12pm, $35

    In this 2 hour workshop we will explore the parallels between surfing and yoga and look at the many ways in which practicing yoga can improve your surfing.

    We’ll begin by exploring simple breath techniques and the benefits of breath control, before looking at ways to train your focus and keep a calm, clear mind in the surf.

    We’ll then join together in a practice focused on warming up the body in preparation to hit the waves and to minimise the risk of injury. This will include exploring how to move in ways that will both challenge and improve balance and stability, and understanding the key poses to practice as a surfer to build strength and increase flexibility.

    We’ll conclude the workshop with some sweet stretches and release work for the body, ideal for post-surf.

    No matter what your skill level in yoga or surfing, this workshop is for you if you want to learn more about:

    • breath technique and control

    • building focus, nurturing a clear and calm mind

    • flexibility and mobility

    • building strength and improving balance

    • finding freedom in your hips, back and shoulders

    • stretch and release pre and post-surf

    • injury prevention

  • Yin, Breath and Sound Healing Sunday 19th January 2020, $35

    Yin Yoga is a deep and powerful practice that finds space in the body. During this 2 hour workshop you will be guided through Yin Yoga techniques to open the body from head to toe whilst incorporating simple breathing techniques for a meditative experience.
    We will be working deeply to open up the energy lines (nadis) to allow maximum benefit for the balance and flow of prana within our bodies.
    The workshop will have an extended Savasana (Corpse Pose) with a sound healing session from Ash. Once the body has been opened up on a physical and energetic level through the practice of Yin and Breath (Pranayama) the frequencies of sound are able to penetrate the central nervous system relaxing the mind and body.
    The workshop will be brought to you in a playful and light-hearted way.

    During this 2 hour workshops Ash will guide you through:
    – Yin Yoga session to open up the energy channels that allow the prana (life force) to flow freely.
    – Introduce some basic breathing (pranayama) techniques which will have an effect on energizing, relaxing and healing the body.
    – Sound Healing Journey Through the Chakras.

    Ash has been teaching yoga all over the world for over 20 years – including 10 years in India. She has recently relocated back to the Northern Beach from Byron Bay. “My love for Yin Yoga, Breath linked with Sound Healing has become an essential part of my spiritual practice, and I love to share the knowledge I have learnt along the way”.

  • Summer Harmony Yin Yoga Workshop Saturday 1st February, $35

    Experience inner peace and harmony through a soothing and contemplative Yin Yoga practice.
    Our summer yin practice will be slow, mindful and cooling as we focus on releasing heat from our bodies including chest and shoulders. We balance the outward focus of summer by nourishing and recharging our bodies.
    With Liz Ross.

  • Vision Boarding for 2020 Workshop Saturday 22nd February 2020, 1-3:15pm, $49

    Vision Boarding is back again and this time we enter a new decade with new visions, goals and intentions.
    With Vision Boarding we can gain more clarity and set a clear vision that aligns to our values and emotional needs.
    This workshop connects you to the heart space through meditation where we start to listen and visualise our desires and feelings & imagine our future. We then learn some useful tips to manifest these desires so that we can work on bringing them into our lives for the new decade.

    Then it’s time to explore collage – cutting and pasting images to create a tangible representation of your visions. Nadia will guide you through every step of the way so that you can create your very own vision board to take home. It is a powerful visual reminder and just by peering at it everyday we start to manifest and plant the seeds for our future.

    You are welcome to bring along any images , quotes or any other materials that you feel drawn to ( but not compulsory). All materials are provided for and no art experience necessary.
    Connect to your inner desires and have fun with the joy of creativity.
    This is a supportive , caring , calm and playful environment.

    Nadia has a Bachelor or Visual Arts and is also a yoga teacher- bringing both her passions together to facilitate this workshop. Nadia explores yoga and meditation and the positive influence these have on creativity . She believes everyone is creative and there are no right or wrongs!

    This is a inspiring & exciting way to start 2020!

  • Kid's Holiday Yoga and Art Workshop Friday January 17 and 24 2020, 1-3pm - $30 per session

    Give the kids something to do that’s good for them, and loads of fun!
    Join us at FLO with Toonie for our Kid’s Yoga and Creative Art Holiday Workshops!
    All 2 hour workshops include:Yoga
    Music, songs and dance
    Art and crafts
    Relaxation and meditation
    Week 1 will focus on a yoga and mindfulness practice with mandala art, and week 2 will be focused on kids feeling happy and calm, making mindfulness jars.
    Suitable for primary school aged kids. Numbers strictly limited.
    Each session is $30 for two hours. Come to one, the other, or both!


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