The yogic journey started for Ashley over 25 years ago in Asia. She started teaching and sharing the practice in 1999 where she did her first training in India at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Kerela learning Hatha Yoga and Philosophy. Her love for India also started here.

From there on, she has studied for thousands of hours, practiced and taught all over our beautiful planet, also living, teaching and training in India for over 10 years for Julie Martin at Brahmani Yoga.

Her main teachers and influences are:
Ashtanga Vinyasa for 15 years. She studied with Sri Pattahabi Jois at his home in Lakshmipuram in Mysore. She was Julie Martin’s (Brahmani Yoga) apprentice for 2 years, and studied with Radha and Pierre in Crete.

Iyengar Yoga with Glenn Cerescoli saw her move to Australia where she has since done 2 Teacher Trainings with Glenn amounting to over 750 hours, plus Yin Yoga with Mysan Sidbo.

She has studied Meditation, Pranayama and self-inquiry with teachers Clive Sheridan, Rose Baudin and Emil Wendell for over 15 years.
She is a Senior Level Teacher, however her classes are always delivered in a light-hearted and fun way.

Ultimately, Yoga is about living in the present moment with an open heart and a clear mind. These are the qualities of the practice that she likes to share with her students.