Kerstin’s passion for Yoga is unconditional. She loves everything about the practice; the poses, the breath, the movement, the philosophy, the connection, and the ability to explore the body and mind in a playful, free and authentic way.

Having worked as a Group Fitness Instructor for over ten years, Kerstin always appreciated the physical benefits of yoga and practicing the cultivation of stillness, focus and strength. With her move to Sydney in 2013 she started practicing more regularly and decided to share her passion by becoming a yoga teacher.

Kerstin teaches from a place of authenticity and compassion. She believes that every time we’re on the mat is an opportunity for us to play, grow, be creative and courageous. Her Vinyasa classes are strong and energetic, sometimes challenging, but always nurturing and full of love. Her Yin classes are designed to nourish and stimulate the deeper energetic channels in the body, providing support for the immune system and cultivating a greater mental stability.

Kerstin aims to give her students the opportunity to balance the mind, body and spirit in every practice.