Marney came across Pilates as a way to help with increasing pain from a scoliosis she was born with, combined with wear and tear from lugging heavy gear from location to location and working in really unsafe body positions.

Once she became a mum, everything had to be condensed, including any exercise, and Pilates was incredible for restoring her long lost vitality and strength.

Pilates provided almost immediate help and she loved the high efficiency, bang-for-your-buck benefits.

The thing that got her the most about Pilates was the undeniable connection between the physical and the mental. Never had she participated in anything where the two were so intrinsically linked; you simply can’t reap the full physical benefits without engaging the mind as well. As a result, her mental state strengthened in line with her physical.

As an instructor, she likes to coach with a gentle technique, and likes a moderately paced but purposeful class.