Through having a really bad back Melissa found her way into a Pilates studio in 1999 and very quickly knew she was on to something. She qualified as a Pilates Instructor in 2003 and has been teaching studio equipment sessions and mat classes ever since. Her specialty is Pilates for rehab and she has a very strong anatomical and joint health background.
She added teaching Yoga to her skill set in 2014 and loves the integration of the two modalities, stability and core control in Yoga is a win win.

She currently also teaches Tension Release Exercises (TRE) and is a globally certified provider. This is a stress management tool that reconnects you to your body and offers relaxation and injury recovery benefits. She recently graduated as an Energy and Soul Medicine practitioner and works with clients to assist healing after cancer which she herself had in 2009.

She lives in Newport with her teenage son and hubby and two cats and loves the Newport community and the privilege of living near the ocean.