Stephanie is a passionate and experienced Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist, who has been teaching for 9 years. She originally explored meditation practices and spent several weeks in India and Thailand in traditional Buddhist ashrams. Many years later she qualified as a yoga teacher and has been loving teaching Yoga in its many forms ever since.

She has had a committed ashtanga vinyasa practice for many previous years, but embraces all forms of Yoga which help to bring the individual back to their natural state; a state of good physical health, vitality, harmony and ease in body, mind, and spirit.

She has taught many workshops on the ‘energy body”, in particular, the Chakra system, and supported many individuals one on one with her knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy.
Her classes are infused with her warmth and humour, and she takes great care of her students to ensure they leave class feeling, happier, more energised and deeply relaxed.