Tanya is our studio manager, who, after studying Naturopathy and Massage Therapy, decided to embark on yoga teacher training, studying at Qi Health and Yoga.

Tanya has continued her studies with certificates in Functional Range Conditioning (FRC), Biomechanics and Asana, Meditation Facilitation, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Cancer, Yoga for Mental Health Issues, Restorative Yoga, and Prenatal Yoga.

With experience in teaching a range of demographics, from high school students right through to seniors, Tanya brings the ability to modify classes to suit the needs of the students in front of her, creating a grounding, balancing, and calming sense to all her students.

Tanya has developed N.O.T. Yoga (Not Only Traditional Yoga). This style of Yoga looks to close the gap between traditional yoga and modern science, to gain greater access to a useable range of comfortable movement in the body.

With four young children, plus with a history in the corporate world, Tanya knows all too well the stresses of modern life. She loves the sense of unity that yoga brings, both internally and with those around us, and strives for her students to connect with themselves and with their world in every class (and their life off the mat).

Tanya’s classes are focussed on connecting with the body, increasing student’s awareness of the sensations in their body, their breath, and their mind.